Crew resource management is a set of training procedures originally developed in aviation. CRM focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision making in the cockpit. In this 4-module course, we show how the CRM principles apply to your leadership as well:


  • Ready for Departure - Effective Communication
  • The adaptive Captain - Facilitating the Team
  • Into the Thunderstorm - Coping with Stress
  • Cleared for Landing - Enlarging your CRM insights

 Course objectives include:

  • Awareness why Crew Resource Management is applicable to (project)management
  • Understanding the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Understanding and demonstrating of effective communication techniques
  • Awareness of your authority on the team
  • Understanding how to get maximum performance of your team
  • Demonstrating facilitation techniques
  • Awareness on how you can increase your success by 'changing the game'
  • Understanding on how the brain reacts to stress
  • Demonstrating how to cope with sudden stressful events
  • Understanding the importance of prioritization in a crisis situation
  • Understanding how your behaviour drives the conflict
  • Demonstrating how to get all available information
  • Understanding how to be heard and demonstrating effective listening
  • Understanding and demonstrating the use of a decision model for effective decision making
  • Understanding the importance of a contingency plan
  • Understanding the impact of multi-tasking on performance
  • Understanding how you are influenced by your own frame of reference
  • Awareness of the importance of your senses in communication
  • Understanding the importance of procedures - and how to make/keep them effective

Optional: with the new CRM insights, a professional airline pilot will brief the participants to fly a professional Boeing 737 full-motion simulator. The simulator provides a fail-safe pressure-cooker environment where participants can immediately see the consequences of their decisions and the way they apply their newfound knowledge.

Tailor-made to suit your needs: 1 to 4 afternoons or evenings, depending on your objectives. The flight simulator module will take up to one day (or afternoon & evening, depending on the number of participants)