20170906 IPMA Project Manager of the Year 2017 Bronze Jacques Dunselman

IPMA has awarded the Bronze award in the World Project Manager of the Year 2017 competition to Jacques Dunselman. Earlier this year, IPMA-NL awarded the Netherlands Project Manager of the Year 2017 - Gold Award to Jacques.

Jacques Dunselman particpated in the IPMA Achievement Award competion for 'Project Manager of the Year 2017' and competed with international candidates from all over the world. At the Award Gala at the IPMA World Conference 2017 on Wednesday, September 6, 2016 in Astana, Kazachstan he was announced to be the Bronze Winner.

A reaction from Jacques: "Making the top-3 in this international competition is fantastic! I had formidable opponents, Gong Junting from China who won Gold managing the construction of China's largest electricity plant, and David Banks from Australia who won the Silver award. I feel honored to be on the same stage as these excellent project managers".

Jacques received the certificate from Mark Patch, the IPMA Achievement Awards Coordinator, and a trophy for "he has proven to the Jury that his project management approach and results are considered to be of a world class level and an example to others working in international project management."

About the IPMA Individual Achievement 'Project Manager of the Year' award

The Award recognizes the individuals who provide the most effective demonstration of their project management competence, no matter the scale, number or type of projects referenced. It is the individual qualities that will be evaluated, not those of any project worked on.

As a guideline, a successful project manager would be one that:

  • creates a productive work environment as well as the drive and impetus to make things happen;
  • balance technical and management skills, juggling different views and perspectives, backgrounds and personalities;
  • maintains focus ensuring their team's performance is optimised and the project's objectives are met;
  • seeks to incorporate the recognized ten principles of sustainability into projects undertaken.