20170410 Project Manager of the Year 2017

PMx is proud to announce that IPMA Netherlands has awarded the Gold Project Manager of the Year 2017 award to Jacques Dunselman.

The award ceremony was held at a formal IPMA-NL Gala at Castle Maurick in Vught on Monday, April 10, 2017. The Jury said about Jacques:

Jacques not only applied an agile approach in his project, but he has also improved this under an umbrella of traditional project management to keep his project on track. The jury was also impressed by the application of so called 'EPIC' points to measure the productivity of the project team. Next to this, also with the way that less cooperative stakeholders were respectfully treated. The jury also has much appreciation of the extend in which attention was given to the dissemination of lessons learned and to see the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle fully completed.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Marcel Hertogh, Technical University of Delft and chairman of the Jury

Jacques received the certificate from Fred Bons, chairman of IPMA Netherlands, and a trophy and a nice bouquet of flowers for "his achievements as 'Certified Senior Project Manager' and fulfilling the requirements from IPMA Netherlands in an excellent manner".

About the IPMA-NL Project Manager of the Year award

20170410 Project Manager of the Year Award 2017The IPMA Netherlands Project Manager of the Year award recognizes those individuals (over age 35) who provide the most effective demonstration of their project management competence, no matter the scale, number or type of projects referenced. It is the individual qualities that will be evaluated, not those of any project worked on.

They have proven themselves through the rigid IPMA 4-Level-Certification process for IPMA-B based on the competence baseline.

As a guideline, a successful project manager would be one that:

  • creates a productive work environment as well as the drive and impetus to make things happen;
  • balance technical and management skills, juggling different views and perspectives, backgrounds and personalities;
  • maintains focus ensuring their team's performance is optimised and the project's objectives are met;
  • seeks to incorporate the recognized ten principles of sustainability into projects undertaken.