We are proud to announce, that PMx, in cooperation with the Maurits Instituut, has been selected to lead an Exclusive Masterclass at the PMI Netherlands Summit on 15 September, 2016.

PMI logoThe Masterclass ScriptBreaker - disrupt your environment for greater results - will be open for 25 participants.

For our relations, we can offer a €50 discount on the registration fee - contact us for details.

In the Masterclass during the PMI Netherlands Summit, we cover how to effectively influence your project environment for greater project success. We will help you to recognize the deep-rooted patterns that organizations may be trapped in (so called ‘scripts’). As a participant you will experience a concrete step-by-step approach to help you identify organizational behavior, to analyze the origin – allowing you to ‘break’ the status quo with effective (counter)measures.

Jurgen Bluemink and Jacques Dunselman have a joint experience of almost 40 years in project management. They like to share their knowledge and experience through blogs, presentations and trainings. In 2015 they founded PMx, a start-up with focus on delivering experienced project and program managers for complex ICT projects – and delivering trainings that provide a unique view on project management. Together with Rob Evers from the Maurits Instituut, they developed Rob’s concept of ‘Scriptbreaker’ into a full training. The Maurits Instituut makes military concepts available to the business world. Scriptbreaker is such a concept. In the past year, PMx has developed several other trainings, that go beyond the regular PM-trainings and provide additional insights in executing successful projects.