In 2015 we, Jurgen Bluemink and Jacques Dunselman, founded PMx. We saw that the very capable project managers of our clients often lacked the experience needed to lead larger projects and programs. During our time at Capgemini - our previous employer - we each led many complex projects and programs. We are delighted to share our experience, not only by running your projects or programs, but also in actively coaching your own project and program managers.

We've both been active in the project management community of our previous employer and sought each other out on a regular basis to discuss the daily business of our projects. This allowed us to expand our expertise and reach a better result for our clients. As a project manager you often operate on cross roads of conflicting interests, it pays off to be able to exchange thoughts with an independent expert in the same field. With that in mind we look towards growing into a collective of 10 to 20 senior project and program managers, who can keep each other focused.

IPMA logoIn order to independently assess that our project and program managers are capable of running complex projects, we expect from each other to achieve certification at a minimum level of IPMA-B. Jacques obtained his IPMA-B certification in February 2016, Jurgen is in the process of obtaining his certification.