Unfortunately it's not always a given that a  project or program is delivered on time, budget, scope and quality. When a project runs the risk to strand (or has stranded), a fresh outside-in look can provide just the right insights to bring the project back on track.

Through our years of experience in a multitude of industry sectors and complex project environments, we're qualified and happy to execute a 2nd opinion to provide those insights to you!

Our approach is as follows:

  • Initial meeting with the client / project manager: what is not going well, determining the areas of focus for analysis
  • Preparation, reading project documentation, amongst others project plan, risk log and recent project reports
  • Determine which team members and stakeholders will be interviewed (in consultation with client and project manager)
  • Preparation of interviews, preparing questionnaire / checklist
  • Hold the interviews
  • Process the findings, drafting the conclusions and recommendations - and having them internally reviewed
  • Discuss the report with the client and project manager

We can also support you with the execution of the recommendations. A thorough execution of the 2nd opinion usually requires two to three days, for larger projects this will be a little bit longer. Please contact us and we're happy to discuss the possibilities with you.