"How do you recognize a good project manager? It's the one that kept afloat!"

Unfortunately reality shows that (new) project managers are often on their own and thrown in at the proverbial 'deep end'. If all goes well, and they keep afloat, there will be projects with even stormier waters awaiting them. And if not, they weren't apparently bouyant enough. A good lifeguard (read: project management coach) could've prevented this situation.

Unfortunately it's not always a given that a  project or program is delivered on time, budget, scope and quality. When a project runs the risk to strand (or has stranded), a fresh outside-in look can provide just the right insights to bring the project back on track.

Through our years of experience in a multitude of industry sectors and complex project environments, we're qualified and happy to execute a 2nd opinion to provide those insights to you!